Sunday, April 29, 2012

End of April update

Added some posts to the Dynamighty tab, including updates and inspirational imagery. Haven't posted anything new under the resources tab, but happy to answer any questions I can on the industry front to students or other design professionals. The biggest thing to report is that we are on the lookout for strong character designers for freelance work. Portfolio links can be sent to jobs at dynamighty dot com. We'll be posting other needs soon.


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  2. Hey Mark. First of all, awesome meeting you at CCA meeting back in March. As a student in the animation field, it was inspiring listing to you. You have definitely boosted my confidence and hopefully one day I can achieve my dreams. I'll definitely keep in touch.

  3. Hey Guillermo,

    I'm glad you were inspired. It's inspiring for me to speak to and meet new artists and animators. You have a long, fun road ahead of you. Keep following your passions and doing the best work you can! Feel free to keep me posted where you end up. All the best! -M