Check for announcements and updates about our mobile games startup, Dynamighty. We are still early in the funding process and hope to officially begin building our business in the next few months. We'll be flying under the radar for a while, but hope to share little tidbits here and there. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we'll be rolling out our first product later this summer (or Winter!)

A couple of inspirational title sequences that are good to films boot!

Still thick in set design work. Up to my eyeballs in mid-century modern. Inspired by the simple elemental architectural forms and the graphic linear break up of planes. Trying to come up with bold architectural spaces and shapes that are simple enough to read well on smart phones and tablets, yet have the right amount of detail and sophistication so they don't look too sparse or underdeveloped. 


Just a brief update for this last week of April:
We had a good week pushing to meet our latest milestones of new level testing and looks development. It's still hard making the kind of progress we want with a production crew of three, but the intimate scale allows us to work closely and effectively and is very rewarding in its own right. We had a productive couple of weeks gaining invaluable feedback from highly respected industry peers and investors. Putting your work in front of others is always a difficult thing to do, especially to those you look up to and secretly desire praise from. But the best that can come from these situations is always the honest, clear and objective feedback that is so necessary when this close to the work. We've been fortunate to get time with some very successful industry vets and are looking forward to hearing from still others who have generously offered their time and energy in helping us make the best games we can. We can't thank them enough and look forward releasing great games fired in their crucible of  encouragement and support. 

Here are some more inspirational images that help inspire our work:

More inspirational set design work. Elegant and clean with an interesting sense of balance. Love the monochromatic treatment. I want to push myself more into limited color palettes/ranges to really control the impact of color and level of visual complexity.

Love this graphic abstraction. Definitely want to play with depth of field/focal range with flat graphic elements to bring sophistication to otherwise simplistic design elements.

Okay, our tumbler page is supposed to be for this, but I'll sneak in some inspirational images here as well, just so there is something new to see. We've been so busy that its difficult to keep the blog going. If I could only post something for every excuse I have not to...!

We are up to our eyeballs in Ken Adam. How can we not be? Lot's more of his work to come.

Great computer reference. Love those simple 60's colors and shapes. 

So simple! 

Here are a couple of quick peeks at things brewing on our end. First a few logo samples:

Here's a preview of our newly updated Dynamighty website:

For a small taste of what we are up to, here are a couple of reference sheets that inspire our current efforts:

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