Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thanks for visiting my online portfolio. These posts are a cross section of my professional and personal work, including my last 15 years at Pixar, as a set artist, graphic designer and art director. It marches more or less back in time, and by no means reflects all projects or tasks I've had the good fortune to be involved with. It should however give a sense of the diversity and scope of work I've been a part of. The above tabs include additional samples of Pixar and personal work. Thanks for visiting and feel free to comment.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I came onto Wall-e in the last year of production and was responsible for establishing the overall look and managing the vast quantity of static and motion graphics that remained to be designed, including major set pieces on earth and everything onboard the Axiom. I art directed and collaborated with of ten talented graphic and motion graphic artists.

A far more detailed account of my role and experience on this project can be found in this '09 interview.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


As production designer of this short, I was responsible for establishing, communicating and maintaining the look of the film through each department in the production. I designed (or oversaw) all set and prop design, character and set shading, matte painting, effects, shot lighting, title, and poster design.

The Incredibles

In addition to being more involved with set pre-visualization and design, I also took on a larger role designing the film's graphics, including the design of the end-crawl and contributing to the DVD menu design.

Monsters Inc.

For my second feature, transitioned from character production art to sets and graphics.

A Bug's Life

Transitioned to Pixar as a freelance texture painter and graphic artist for the commercials group beginning in '95. Joined the feature art department in late '96 on A Bug's Life as a character, set and graphics artist.

Random concepts

Assorted work from my games days...some for work, some for me.

Computer Games

Concept art for two short-lived game projects I worked on in the early 90's.

Personal Work

This collection of samples reflects a smattering of old work and new squeezed out of my copious spare time. All art is copyrighted me.


Two examples of spirit boards I digitally collaged from various bibliographic sources and mounted on wood. The rest of the series can be found at the prestigious and historic Amercian Spirit Board Company.


Old concepts for our now horribly out-of-date website featuring my wife's portfolio and my own. The last examples were attempts in repurposing her artwork to blend our styles.


Cover and title page designs for the 2nd issue of Afterworks, a graphic novel featuring personal work by fellow Pixar artists.

Robot Attack!

These are from a series of robot and monster designs I created for my sons' birthday that were purposed into t-shirt, sticker and coloring book party favors. I then took them in SketchUp for a little fun. The gun buggy is my first 3D model made way back on the first 3D app for the mac. It's primitive, but has a certain amount of character.